cian dayrit 

Cian Dayrit is a multimedia artist and was born in Manila in 1989. He acquired a B.F.A at the University of the Philippines Diliman College of the Fine Arts, Manila. His material is informed by the Philippines experience of colonialism and ethnography and his work reflects his interests in archaeology, history, and politics. Dayrit's solo exhibitions include Spectacles of the Third World at Tin-aw Art Gallery, Polycephalous at Art Informal, and The Bla-Bla Archaelogical Complex at Jorge B. Vargas Museum. His recent group exhibitions are Inhabit in District Gallery, Almost There at Jorge B. Vargas, Seascapes: Tranquility and Agitation at Metropolitan Museum of Manila. Dayrit is the winner of the 2017 Ateneo Art Awards and was shortlisted in 2014.

During his residency at Bellas Artes Projects, Dayrit focused his research into the history and mythology of the Ayta Magbukun community of Bataan, a deeply marginalized Indigenous Peoples group in central Luzon, examining their position in relation to colonial and post-colonial history and their representation in ethnographic studies of these periods, in close conversation with members of the community. The exhibition is part of an ongoing project from his residency.