Alwin Reamillo
September to October 2014

Alwin Reamillo, a Filipino interdisciplinary artist, was interested with the ideas of mobility, cultural movement memory and collaboration. His practice ranged from painting, photography, collage and sculpture to mixed-media installations.

Reamillo was the first artist to participate in the Bellas Artes Projects Artist-in-Residence Programme, with Casa Quiapo as the studio space for his residency. The myriad of objects brought in by the artists, such as pianos, boats, bank notes and components from previous projects was useful in warding off the sense of pamamahay in the arts space. In this hyper real zone, Alwin Reamillo deployed a reconfigured personal history and into a healing object. As an apothecary to reclaim memory, the artist called the installation piece Apotekariya ng Antonio la Luna, ng Taga-ilog