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BAP Film Screening: Johannesburg, Art in the Twenty-First Century, Season 9

Since the dramatic fall of apartheid in 1994, Johannesburg has emerged as the artistic capital of sub-Saharan Africa. This episode tells the story of four artists from a diversity of South African ethnic backgrounds, identities and generations working across photography, painting, sculpture, and performance. Collectively, the artists in this hour use their work to empower marginalized communities, reexamine history, and pursue their visions for South Africa’s future.

The event was produced in collaboration with Art21, a nonprofit global in presenting thought-provoking and sophisticated contact about contemporary art. Art21 also produces free education resources, aimed at changing the paradigm for teaching and learning about the creative process. The “Johannesburg” episode—as well as Art21’s library of 60+ hours of video content on contemporary art and artists—is available to stream at