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Role and Responsibilities

Bellas Artes Projects aims to offer structured work-based learning opportunities to support career development and to enable people from all backgrounds to experience the inner workings of a gallery. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until each internship position is filled.

Interns will attain real world knowledge of working with the local and international contemporary art community. Most interns are based in one department, but have the opportunity to interact with all departments on a regular basis.

Interns will assist in brainstorming and idea planning. Their role comprises of creating content for social media platforms.  Interns must attend events on-site and off-site and will handle documentation of events. They must have the ability to participate within a multi-disciplinary team and act autonomously as appropriate.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Fine arts degree preferred. Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint or Keynote. Experience with marketing and social media outreach. Basic knowledge of graphic design programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Must be motivated, organized, and possess good communication skills. Must possess a strong command of English, verbally and written. Ability to function in a creative and flexible working environment, with overtime and varying shifts. 

To apply: Please submit a cover letter, CV and portfolio to


Internship: Upcycling /Recycling

This 3-week internship will promote collaboration between the Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar's artisans and young creatives with a background in upcylcing/recycling. The aim is to rethink the disposal of waste materials at the workshops of Las Casas Filipinas. In the context of mass production and its correlative waste, this program hopes to develop creative Upcycling/Recycling solutions that emphasise the potential of unwanted materials - while respecting the manual labour exerted in the workshops. This project is aimed at benefitting the artisans of Las Casas, and the surrounding community, through sustainable creative projects.

Hopefully this initiative will be a starting point for both the artisans and participants, to rethink the relationship between production, waste and restoration, for a more sustainable future.

We are looking for

  • Young creatives of any field such as design, photography, animation, illustration, music, writing, etc, with an interest in recycling, upcycling or material sustainability.

  • 16-25 years old

If interested please send:

  • Portfolio

  • Ideas/Application Letter (no longer than 500 words) with an outline of your ideas


Deadline of application will be on June 10, 2019


The program will be on August 2019 Maximum of 6 participants per program. All accepted creatives will be invited to complete the residency program at Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar for 3 weeks. Food, transportation from Manila to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, allowance and accommodation will be provided.

  • 1st week- immersion

  • 2nd week- idea&concept making.

  • 3rd week- production & development of sustainable solutions

Futher Ideas

  • Invite professionals in the field of Recylcing/Upcycling and sustainability to visit Las Casas and give talks, look at the projects being developed and offer mentorship/guidance.

  • At the end of their residency invite the participants to present what they have achieved to the artisans & employees at Las Casas.

  • Invite students from the local schools to visit/conduct a workshop/and learn about about the program and gain an understanding of the potential of recycling