Clinton Palanca

Clinton Palanca is one of the most well-renowned food writers in the country today given his writing style, which combines historical and cultural narratives together with his experiences in travel and culinary arts. While he is widely known for his food writing, Palanca is also a three-time Palanca Memorial Award Winner for his short stories, The Apartment and The Window, as well as his essay, In Paris. 

Palanca received his primary and secondary education at the Xavier School then went on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Philosophy and English Literature at The Ateneo de Manila University. He later took up a Master of Science Degree in Sociology at the University of Oxford and a Doctorate in Food Anthropology from SOAS University of London. 

Palanca’s published works today include My Angkong’s Noodles, The Gullet: Dispatches on Philippine Food and Landscapes–which is a compilation of his short stories and children’s stories. He is a columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer as well as a few other online publications