Announcing launch of Education—Intervention in 2019

Bellas Artes Projects is pleased to announce a new educational initiative, Education—Intervention, launching in mid 2019. The programme will function as an informal art academy, offering courses and activities focused on contemporary visual arts with an interdisciplinary methodology. Designed to operate in tandem with BAP’s artist residency programme, BAP Artistic Director Inti Guerrero will direct Education—Intervention. Course leaders will include international artists, curators and art historians and will come from diverse backgrounds from across the globe, pointing to the diversity found across the Philippines that includes Indian, Muslim, Spanish, Latin American, and American influences in addition to indigenous and Southeast Asian influences. Courses and activities will aim to address topics with a global perspective and catered to recent graduates, emerging visual artists and museum workers.

From left to right: David Teh, Susan Stryker, Ming Wong, James T. Hong, Candice Hopkins, and Koken Ergun

Course topics include:

  • Critical thought and associative thinking towards art making and/or writing.

  • Pacific Art History and Curatorial/Exhibition History; discussing key experimental figures and  moments of post-war art coming from Asia-Pacific.

  • Discourse around indigeneity and indigenous contemporary art.

  • Queer theories on Filipino art and visual culture.

Bellas Artes Project’s nascent years functioned as an experimental lab for visual artists to create. Since February of 2017, BAP’s secondary location Outpost, has established a wider audience reach and positioned itself as a global platform by successfully presenting six museum quality exhibitions—four of which were products of our artist residency program. In July 2017, BAP inaugurated a pilot program through a mentorship series, which opportuned participants to engage in a critical dialogue to inform and advance their practices. With the launch of Education—Intervention, BAP Outpost will transition from exhibitions to a pedagogical model, facilitating an intellectual exchange that has the potential catalyze a transformative impact on the local artistic community and filling in educational opportunities that are currently lacking in arts education.

Further details regarding curriculum, schedule, and enrollment will be released early 2019. 
For inquiries and more information, please contact or (02) 817-2205.